CSIeSafe Inbox

The CSIeSafe Inbox offers the following options as tabs along the top of the screen:

Home: Directs you back to the CSIeSafe Inbox screen.

New Message: Use to compose and send a new secure message.

Tracking: Offers a variety of options for sent messages, drafts and deleted drafts, as well as an Advanced Search feature.

My Account: Displays your account settings and information as tabs that include: My Safe Usage, Options, My Information, My Contacts, User Validation and Branding.

Help: Provides help links to various CSIeSafe topics.

Log Out: Logs you out of CSIeSafe and directs you back to the CSIeSafe Home page (Login screen).

The CSIeSafe Inbox also contains the following three sections:

Folders: Use to create New Folders and Delete folders to organize your inbox.

Inbox: Displays all received CSIeSafe messages and offers message sorting options, as well as the Mark Read/Mark Unread option.

Opened: Used to Compose, Reply, Forward, Export to Text and create Printer Friendly versions of your inbox messages.

NOTE: Email messages, excluding statements, will be automatically deleted after 30 days.  Financial Statement Messages will remain on the system for at least 90 days.

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